Have you ever heard Japanese, polish, french, greek or Turkish tango?

What is left about the tango that danced in half-world ballrooms in the thirties?

And what about the European musicians and their own identity?





Mondo Tango

Tango Nomade Orchestra

This is the mission of the Mondo tango project and of its Argentine musician orchestra that will tell us about its journey around the world to discover unusual tangos.

A musical “u-turn“ research that starts far from Argentina and finds, from west to east, new unexpected tango repertoires, mixed and ironic about its stereotypes.

So what this orchestra is? it plays and sings tangos in many languages and played by different musicians and instruments typical of every place

There are many cities and languages protagonists of this story, as there are many stories in places and unexpected times.

Mondo Tango is not only a music record but something much more ambitious.

A movie maker crew will follow the Mondo Tango orchestra journey on the stages around the world:10 concerts,10 stages in 10 different cities all over the world. Besides 10 local players will be involved in following the Argentine musicians legacy.

There is a lot to tell; the audience, the faces, many stories behind the international tango fan halls, which will be the real protagonists of this story.

Paola Fernandez Dell’Erba – voz

Hernàn Fassa – pianoforte

Virgilio Monti – contrabajo

Moreno Falciani – clarinetto e flauti

Marta Pistocchi – violino

we are available for festivals, concerts, theater!


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The MONDO TANGO orchestra takes the songs, arranges them and plays them leaving the authenticity intact. An album is sung in different languages: Japanese, Polish, French, Turkish, Greek, Italian, Spanish, English …

Songs are reinterpreted by a philological and ironic imprint: a mestizo tango that laughs at itself and its stereotypes. They become some frescos of the metropolis.

The album hosts some musicians encountered along the journey, bringing the local color of their cities, with sounds and instruments typical of their culture. The disc will be released in digital and vinyl format.


and in our path…


What has the Tango become thru the decades? how has it been changed meeting with European cultures?

These are the questions we will try to answer by our documentary film

MONDO TANGO orchestra overseas tour will touch many places, and our documentary aims to unveil the influence that the tango has generated in every culture around the world. We will try to grasp its transformations and to tell its sociological imprint.

A road movie in the Mondo Movie style dedicated to this genre. Istanbul, Athens, Paris, Osaka, Bucharest, Helsinki, Milan, Warsaw, Berlin, and New York will be some of the stages of the meetings that will lead us to unveil the faces of the true protagonists of this story.